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Free basic programming platform

XML Notepad is a Microsoft-published open-source XML editor that handles huge XML documents and offers real-time XML schema validation. It comes with a built-in XML comparison tool and an HTML viewer for viewing XSLT transformation data. Written by Chris Lovett, the editor supports incremental search for tree and text views, drag-and-drop, IntelliSense, find and replace with regular expressions and XPath expressions, and XInclude support. Moreover, it is also Windows 11 compatible.

What is XML Notepad 2007?

XML Notepad is a free development and IT software created by Microsoft. The software allows users to browse and edit XML documents through a very simple user interface. It is solely designed to make programming easier with its intuitive tools and features. Users can navigate by using the Node Text View with Tree View and Incremental search

They can copy-paste codes with namespace support. When editing the tree, they can use drag-and-drop. This software has infinite undo and redo for convenient editing. The software provides an In-place popup multi-line editing to accommodate large text node values. Regex and XPath are supported by the find or replace function. The software can load 3MB or larger XML documents immediately. 

Users can check errors through XML schema validation. It also supports custom date, dateTime, time datatypes custom editors. Any XML-stylesheet processing instructions are displayed in the software’s Inplace HTML viewer. Other coding features and tools include fonts and colors, nudge toolbar buttons, XML Diff tool, Intellisense, XInclude support, XSD annotations, and Goto definition tool. 

How to use XML Notepad 2007?

XML Notepad is based on Notepad++ — another Windows program — but with the addition of markup language hacking; the left-hand pane breaks an XML document into a tree view of classes, tags, and their key values. You will find the text is matched to its identifier by color and writing in Tree View, which allows you to leave all the tag containers behind. 

Press XSL Performance to see what the raw XML looks like. If you test the file in Internet Explorer, you'll see what it looks like. Adjusting copying and pasting to ensure that the nodes you shuffle around retain their backgrounds complete the program's simple functionality. XML editing allows you to exert a great deal of influence over the system.

You can import your Mozilla Firefox credentials into KeePass via XML and generate your own Firefox extension using this method. You can also export your Firefox credentials to KeePass with a few plugins, Javascript, and some knowledge of XML. The data transfer script is written in Groovy, which is a Java-based scripting language. Groovy must be installed after the Java Development Kit has been downloaded and installed.

Go-to XML editor

XML Notepad can be considered a classic, no-fail Windows program. It’s suitable for coders that edit and use XML files on a regular basis. Compared to the Windows Notepad program, this editor has more capabilities that meet the requirements of an XML programmer. It’s also more flexible so much so that it’s capable of creating plugins for web browsers like Firefox. 


  • Access XML documents
  • Comes with programming language tools
  • Develop programs easier


  • Suited for advanced coders
  • Limited support for programming languages

Older versions

Program available in other languages

XML Notepad for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V
  • 3.8
  • (219)
  • Security Status

User reviews about XML Notepad

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    This is fantastic!.
    This is fantastic! I can zip between nodes, quickly expand and condense. This saves me a lot of time! Pros: Fast and specific, not a lot of useless features I dont need.


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